Fitness Training


Welcome to Mass Elite’s dedicated Workouts and Fitness Training Page! Scroll down to view daily and weekly workout suggestions and combined fitness and stickwork workouts!


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Mass Elite is committed to developing the whole athlete, not just lacrosse player. Speed work, endurance training, footwork and agility, mobility, injury prevention, strength and conditioning are all incorporated into Mass Elite practices and training sessions. Combining stickwork with fitness workouts is the best way to improve as lacrosse player! Please see the workouts below as examples of weekly training suggestions that can be completed in the pre-season, during season or post-season. As the New England Patriots coined, #NoDaysOff!


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One of the best ways to improve a player’s stickwork is to practice when fatigued. Stickwork becomes more “game-like” when we combine footwork and conditioning. Below are some examples of workouts that incorperate both fitness exercises and stickwork drills.