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Founded in the fall of 1999

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Mass Elite is a competitive club lacrosse program that is dedicated to developing youth and high school girls lacrosse players since 1999. Mass Elite teams compete in local tournaments and showcases as well as on the National recruiting tournament circuit. Over the past 24 years, Mass Elite players and coaches have contributed to the growth of lacrosse in New England and nationally. Mass Elite players are among the strongest and most dedicated student-athletes in New England. They are understated, fearless and humble; they stand out because their skill, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit is undeniable.

The primary goal of Mass Elite is student-athlete development. The Mass Elite coaching staff, comprised of some of the top high school and college coaches in Massachusetts, understand the importance of hard work, commitment, and teamwork both on and off the field. Our coaches are not only passionate about improving the athleticism and skill set of each Mass Elite player, but they assist our high school student-athletes in building self-confidence and creating lifelong friendships. Our coaches are instrumental in assisting Mass Elite student-athletes with navigating the college recruiting process. The success achieved by Mass Elite alumnae at the college level and beyond is evidence that the experience of the Mass Elite coaching staff combined with the multitude of practice and tournament opportunities offered to our student-athletes is an invaluable combination.


Founded in the fall of 1999, Mass Elite was the first club lacrosse program for female athletes in Massachusetts. Mass Elite began as one elite girls travel team for players in grades nine through twelve. Former Scituate High School varsity coach, Paula Evans, and former Westwood High School varsity coach, Leslie Frank, established Mass Elite in order to provide high school student-athletes an opportunity to play lacrosse year-round. Paula and Leslie recognized that in order to develop athletes into skilled lacrosse players, they needed to provide the players with higher levels of competition and more play opportunities. Paula and Leslie looked for tournaments in the lacrosse “hot-beds” of the country: Long Island, upstate New York and the Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia. With one group of very dedicated athletes (and aspiring lacrosse players), Paula and Leslie traveled the east coast hoping to inspire their players to reach the next level, expose their athletes to an increased speed of play and encourage the growth of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts.

Today, Mass Elite has become a nationally respected lacrosse club. We are comprised of female student-athletes in grades three through twelve from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Each grade level rosters between two and three full teams. Additionally, due to the growing success of Mass Elite teams and players, our club has also welcomed players from California, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Utah and North Carolina.