Each and every year Mass Elite reviews our offered practice times and locations in order to ensure variety, flexibility and convenience.  We recognize that not every practice date will work for every member of our club and not every location will be the most convenient for all of our families.  Based on player and parent feedback, we have developed a practice schedule (including times and locations) that has benefited our club players and provided them to be successful in skill development and competition.  Similarly, we review our tournament offerings in order to ensure participation, competition and overall experience.  We offer a great selection of tournaments that vary in format, style and location.  Our tournament offerings allow us to compete successfully in New England as well as on a national scale.

While our practice and tournament schedules are not released until approximately four to seeks weeks prior to a particular season, the best guide to determining these schedules is to view our archives.

Click here to view our archived practice schedules.
Click here to view our archived tournament schedules.