Mass Elite is made up of dedicated student-athletes and aspiring lacrosse players ranging from third grade to juniors in high school.  Because Mass Elite does not roster to a specific team, but rather a YOG, we are not limited to a predetermined number of players.  Each year, Mass Elite typically rosters between 60 to 80 players in each class.  We are looking for motivated student-athletes who want to push themselves to improve their lacrosse skill set by playing with and against the best players in New England.


Mass Elite does not follow the “one team, one coach” philosophy; all of our players in every YOG are exposed to each and every coach on our staff.  Each one of our coaches has a different coaching style, however, our philosophies remain consistent.  Our goal is to provide quality instruction through competitive practices and tournaments, intense fitness training, and an expectation of commitment and hard-work.  We believe that by exposing our players to a variety of coaching and communication styles, our players will have the confidence and versatility needed to succeed at higher levels of lacrosse.


Mass Elite caters to the multi-sport athlete.  Therefore, there is no practice or tournament requirement.  Players are able to attend any practice offered for their specific YOG and can select to participate in as many tournaments that are offered.  Players are rostered separately for each tournament they select.  As a club, we recognize that the multitude of play opportunities that we provide to our student-athletes generally exceeds what any one family can do (both from a time and financial standpoint.)  We strongly believe that if club participation is a student-athlete driven commitment, players will understand what it takes to be successful at the next level.  With over 20 years of experience in club lacrosse, we have found that the players who succeed in our program are those who put the most time in to their training both in an structured environment and on their own.


If you missed the new parent zoom meeting held on Monday, August 30, please see the PowerPoint presentation below for the information that was presented.  If you would prefer to watch the zoom meeting recordings, there is one for each meeting – youth parents and high school parents.

Youth Parent Welcome Zoom 
Monday, August 30, 2021

High School Parent Welcome Zoom 
Monday, August 30, 2021

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