Mass Elite Lacrosse is a club lacrosse team that is dedicated to developing the talents of youth and high school girls lacrosse players. Mass Elite coaches emphasize the importance of teamwork, leadership, honesty, integrity, and competition. Mass Elite provides student-athletes with high level coaching, demanding practices, and an opportunity to compete with and against the best lacrosse players in the nation.

Mass Elite 2023-2024 Team Membership

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Mass Elite is a 1-year commitment from September 1, 2023 through August 1, 2024. When you accept a spot in a particular year of graduation with Mass Elite, the expectation is that, in consideration of your teammates and coaches, you will prioritize participation at Mass Elite events throughout the year.


Registration is required to accept your spot with Mass Elite.  The Team Fee is applied to annual expenses such as uniforms, team equipment, all practices (throughout the membership year), recruiting assistance for high school players, operating and administrative costs. A uniform package typically consists of a team reversible jersey, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt, and a team top. Goal keepers new to the program will also receive helmets. All tournament and other event fees will be paid in addition to the Team Fee as set forth below.

The 2023-2024 Team Fee Registration will open on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, for all accepted players. Registration will close on August 21, 2023, and all team fees must be paid in accordance with the fee structure.  Team fees for the 2023-2024 season will be invoiced based on year of graduation and split into two payments. All players who are accepted to Mass Elite will receive an invitation with a direct link to complete team fee registration. This registration link is specific to each addressee.


  1. All players interested in Mass Elite must tryout every year.  Prior team membership does not guarantee future team membership.
  2. All players are encouraged to attend as many practices and tournaments as possible.  Mass Elite does not require participation at any specific practice or tournament as we understand and appreciate multi-sport athletes, family commitments, and extra-curricular activities.  The players that succeed in our program recognize that their skill and athletic development is directly proportionate to their commitment to Mass Elite.
  3. Mass Elite teams are divided by student-athletes’ years of graduation.  It is the responsibility of the player to notify the Mass Elite Directors by email if they are unable to attend or will miss practices for an extended period of time.  Practice schedules for all years of graduation are available at In the event of inclement weather or change in the practice schedule, families will be notified via email, updated on our website, Instagram, and Twitter.
  4. Mass Elite coaches hold players hold players accountable for their actions and decisions.  Players are instructed to handle all communications with their coaches.
  5. Players are discouraged from joining or committing to other travel lacrosse programs that interfere with their participation in Mass Elite.  If Mass Elite is attending a tournament, our players who are interested in attending that tournament must play for Mass Elite.
  6. All players must obtain and maintain a current membership with US Lacrosse. (CLICK HERE to become a US Lacrosse Member). Failure to maintain an active US Lacrosse Membership may prevent a player from registering or participating in team activities, tournaments or events.

It is expected that players attend as many events as possible including tournaments, play dates, league play, and other organized scrimmages.  Please understand that to take a spot on a team and not take attendance seriously is unfair to your coaches and teammates.  The team fee and ALL event fees are NON-REFUNDABLE under all circumstances.  There are NO exceptions; this includes high school team obligations, player illness/injury, or personal conflict.

Important Note for Mass Elite High School Players:  Should a conflict arise between your high school team and a Mass Elite event or practice, the commitment to your high school team will always come first.

  1. Event Registration must be completed online and is typically available three times per year: fall, winter, and spring/summer, (spring for youth teams only).  An email will be forwarded to Mass Elite players advising them of a tournament registration period which generally is available for seven (7) to fourteen (14) days. All players are required to complete event registration by the specified deadline.  Rosters are then formed based on registration and payment of the applicable fee.  Players will not be rostered for events until payment has been received in full. NOTE:  Registration after deadline must be done by phone or email and players will only be added if space is available and at the discretion of the Mass Elite staff.


  1. Every event that Mass Elite attends has a dedicated ‘Details’ page.  The ‘Details’ page can be found on the ‘Tournament Schedules’ page.  The ‘Details’ page contains important information relevant to a particular event such as event date and location, schedule and/or time frame, player waiver and registration instructions, field maps, tournament rules, playoff information and/or travel suggestions.  This page always contains the most up-to-date information.
  2. All travel arrangements and costs for the same, including but not limited to flights, hotels, and food are the sole and direct responsibility of the players and their families.  For the tournaments that are considered ‘stay-to-play,” players attending those events MUST secure hotel rooms via the room blocks created and distributed by Mass Elite.  Mass Elite may also provide room blocks at local hotels for events that require travel but are NOT considered ‘stay-to-play.’  Otherwise, players and their families are responsible for arranging for their own travel and hotel accommodations.  Mass Elite will post all relevant travel information on the Event’s ‘Details’ page as soon as it is available.
  3. Each year, Mass Elite attends events that have a variety of formats and competition. These formats may include: intrasquad games, jamborees, recruiting showcases and championship tournaments (which include playoff opportunities).  Some events are small-sided 5v5 or 7v7 and some events are full field 12v12.  Event rosters and the number of teams at each event will vary depending on the format.
  4. Event schedules are distributed via email and posted on the associated ‘Details’ page with rosters approximately 2-5 days before the event.  If there is no time frame listed on the details page or no schedule posted, we expect players to be available to participate throughout the day.
  5. Players should arrive for a tournament at least 30 minutes prior to their first game unless they are advised otherwise by their coach.  It is the player’s responsibility and not her parents to be on time and ready to play.


  1. Mass Elite Coaches are assigned to teams for each event, and coach assignments may vary from event to event. It is our experience and belief that coaches value a player’s ability to play for any coach and we have found that players benefit from working with different coaches and understanding different coaching philosophies.
  2. Event rosters are based on 1. Year of Graduation 2. Skill level 3. Attendance. 4. Number of Mass Elite teams participating at an event.  Rosters are not put together based on requests or parental input
  3. Every effort will be made to distribute rosters and schedules 2-5 days before the event and is dependent upon receiving schedule information from an event’s director.  Event schedules will be email and posted at
  4. All players will receive playing time at an event.  The amount of time played, however, will be at the discretion of the coach.  Mass Elite approaches all events with the same goals: development, teamwork, and competition.  Regardless of the format, however, it always benefits the entire program for our teams to perform well.  Additionally, while understanding that the goal of attending recruiting tournaments is exposure, the coaches will attempt to provide all players with equal playing time.  However, coaches will make adjustments as needed in order to remain competitive and always in the best interest of the entire team.

Mass Elite accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express and eCHECK payments via the LeagueApps dashboard. Your ACCOUNT LOGIN can be found in the top right corner of the Mass Elite home page. Personal checks should be made payable to Achieve Lacrosse LLC and mailed to our office at: 490 Chapman Street, Suite 102, Canton, MA 02021.

Mass Elite players and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the payment of all participation fees. The TEAM fee and any TOURAMNET/EVENT fee is expected to be paid at the time of registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  1. MASS ELITE TRYOUT FEE:  The Mass Elite tryout fee is due at the time of registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. MASS ELITE TEAM MEMERSHIP FEE:  The Team Membership Fee is paid annually, is due at the time of registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE.  There are NO exceptions to this policy, including but not limited to, high school team obligations, player illness/injury, personal conflict, or situations beyond our control.  Players who elect to withdraw from Mass Elite are not eligible for a refund. Players whose Team Fee has not been paid may not be permitted to participate in any Mass Elite activity and will not be rostered for tournaments/events.
  3. MASS ELITE TOURNAMENT/EVENT FEE:  All Mass Elite tournament/event fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. There are NO exceptions, including but not limited to, high school team obligations, player illness/injury, personal conflict, or cancellations due to inclement weather.  Any requests to remove a tournament or event registration after the registration period has closed are considered NON-REFUNDABLE drops.