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Since 1999, Mass Elite has hosted annual tryouts for both new and returning players in August.  The tryout process is essential to our club membership model, and it is an opportunity for us to stay competitive in the lacrosse community.  To learn more about Mass Elite, click here to view our program overview.

For 2024-2025 season, the following years of graduation eligible for Mass Elite Tryouts:

HIGH SCHOOL: 2026 – 11th Grade; 2027 – 10th Grade; 2028 – 9th Grade
MIDDLE SCHOOL: 2029 – 8th Grade; 2030 – 7th Grade; 2031 – 6th Grade
YOUTH: 2032 – 5th Grade; 2033 – 4th Grade; 2034 – 3rd Grade

New and returning players from the years of graduation 2026 through 2034 are encouraged to tryout and join the thousands of student-athletes who have been a part of Mass Elite over the past 25 years!

The Mass Elite tryout fee is $125 per participant if you register before August 1, 2024 and $150 if you register after August 1, 2024. Players and parents, please read our Club Policies before you register for tryouts for important information regarding tryout fees and team membership.


Mass Elite hosts one tryout on Saturday August 10, 2024 and one tryout on Sunday August 11, 2024.  All new and returning players must register to tryout for Mass Elite. Walk-up registration is NOT allowed. All players interested in playing with Mass Elite must attend one tryout, though ALL tryouts are highly recommended!

August 10, 2024Rivers School, Weston8:00-9:30am20322033, 2034
August 10, 2024Rivers School, Weston9:30-11:30am20302031
August 10, 2024Rivers School, Weston11:30-1:30pm20282029
August 10, 2024Rivers School, Weston1:30-3:30pm20262027
August 11, 2024Rivers School, Weston8:00-9:30am20322033, 2034
August 11, 2024Rivers School, Weston9:30-11:30am20302031
August 11, 2024Rivers School, Weston11:30-1:30pm20282029
August 11, 2024Rivers School, Weston1:30-3:30pm20262027

Tryout registration

Registration for Mass Elite tryouts for the 2024-2025 season will open on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.  Click the below links to learn more about Mass Elite prior to completing tryout registration.

There is a fee to try out for Mass Elite. Please note that the tryout fee is non-refundable. Once tryout numbers reach field capacity, tryout registration will close! A late fee will be assessed for tryout registrations after the posted registration period.

Tryout Details

  • Attendance at both try-outs is recommended, but only ONE is required.
  • Field players: stick, goggles, mouth guard required. No jewelry. Goal keepers in full protective gear including shin pads and mouth guard.
  • Players will be issued a tryout pinnie.  Players will return the pinnie at the end of each session.
  • Players should bring several cold waters and/or sports drinks.